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Introduce new products and brands to the market; Reduce losses in the production process and improve your management. Ensure that the product, service or system meets the standards; Making the Organization highly competitive with products in compliance with technical standards.


It is globally recognized and attributed as a synonym for maximum quality control. The issuing process for a Kosher certificate depends on collaboration and full transparency in the information that will be exchanged between both, the company that manufactures the product and the Jewish entity that will issue the document.

O termo FSSC 22000 é uma sigla para Food Safety System Certification que, em tradução, quer dizer Certificação de Sistema de Segurança Alimentar. Portanto, trata-se de uma certificação (ou norma) que tem o objetivo de monitorar e garantir a produção e distribuição de alimentos com segurança e qualidade.

Além disso, a FSSC 22000 é reconhecida internacionalmente. É um tipo de abordagem voltada à segurança de alimentos bastante abrangente, pois gerencia riscos em toda a cadeia de produção e fornecimento de alimentos. 


since that was founded, the task of SGF, Sure-Global-Fair , has been monitoring products in the fruit juice industry that can be found on the market. In fulfilling its statutory task, SGF conducts targeted market observations and audits at the factories.


The FDA's goal is to have control over food, which can be human and animal, food supplements, cosmetics, medical equipment and biological materials.


FAMBRAS HALAL Certificação LTDA, is a company that acts as a Halal Certification Body for products in Brazil, and all the know-how acquired in these years of work was acquired from the Federation of Muslim Associations of Brazil for this new company.

FAMBRAS HALAL is a pioneer in the implementation of the Halal System in Brazil, following the main international standards (FSSC 22000¹, ISO 227164, GMP and Islamic Asian Standards such as Malaysian Standard (Malaysia) MS 1900, MS 1500¹, MS 2300, MS 2424², LPPOM MUI (Indonesia): HAS 23000, HAS 23103³, HAS 23201¹).