Who we are

TROPFRUIT NORDESTE S.A is a company whose main activity is the industrialization of fruits and the production of frozen concentrated and whole juices. Founded on February 3, 1988, starting its activities on January 5, 2000.

Located in a region that constitutes the second citrus-producing center in Brazil, on the edge of the BR-101, in the Industrial District, Quadra 3/5, Estância / Sergipe. It destines all its production for export, through the Port of Salvador and to the national market through terrestrial distribution.

Installed on a land measuring 300,000 m², built area of ​​23,000 m² and composed of 306 employees.

Equipped with 04 lines, the first line consisting of 14 'OIC' extractors for the production of citrus juices. Production capacity of 300,000 tons / year;

2nd complete ‘’ OIC ’’ line for the production of pineapple juice, production capacity of 16,000 tons / year;

3rd and 4th complete ‘‘ OIC ’’ lines for the production of passion fruit and tropical juice. The production capacity for: Passion fruit is 40,000 tons / year, and tropical fruit is 20,000 tons / year.

Tropfruit acquires part of the oranges processed in orchards of one of its partners, about 30% of the production capacity and also acquires fruits from suppliers registered in the producing regions of, SE, BA and other tropical fruits in the states of BA, PE, PB, CE, RN ES, MG and PA.

The fruits are received in bulk trucks or in boxes, which are duly analyzed within the most rigorous process of determining the degree of ripeness and yields for a perfect obtaining of juices. Keeping the natural and organoleptic characteristics of each fruit and their respective juices.

The juices obtained are carefully analyzed by technicians, equipment and methods with national and international recognition. Aiming at quality assurance with food safety, obeying AIJN parameters for production of fruit juices.

Os produtos Tropfruit são certificados pelas instituições, SGFKOSHER HALAL, FSSC 2200 e FDA. Sistemas de gestão da segurança de alimentos – requisitos para qualquer organização na cadeia produtiva de alimentos.